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Iris Leutenegger, Owner of Serenity and CMT

Iris Leutenegger, Certified Massage Therapist and owner of Serenity Massage believes that Massage Therapy should be an integrative part of preventative healthcare for everybody. She believes that the whole body is connected and likes to address it as a complete system while focusing on the client's specific needs. Iris specializes in Deep Tissue and Sports massage, but she also offers Pre and Post natal Massage, Swedish Massage, and Traditional Thai Massage. Recently, she is incorporating a new style into her work, called Ashiatsu. This amazing modality involves holding on to an overhead bar and using gravity to apply pressure with the therapist's feet. Often she will incorporate multiple styles into each session. 


Having been an athlete all her life it seemed natural to Iris to pursue a career as a Massage Therapist. Being a marathoner, and Ultra Marathon runner, she fully understands the needs of today's athletes and will adjust her treatments according to her client's training and race schedule. Iris also uses her experience in the Napa Spa world to ease her clients into a complete state of relaxation and calm. 


Iris has practiced Massage Therapy in Switzerland as well as the United States. She graduated from Cellsan in Switzerland and MTI in Davis with over 1000 training hours. She is licensed by the California Massage Therapy Council. She is also a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). In her spare time, Iris likes to run, ride horses, hike, swim, cook and spend time with friends and family. 

Jenn Morris, CMT

Jenn is a State Certified Massage Therapist who received her training at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA. She specializes in relaxation and medical massage, with special attention to injury recovery and myofascial release techniques. In addition to working with those needing pain or stress relief cause by daily activities, she has experience working with athletes who are on the mend as well as patients recovering from surgery. She prefers to use gentle warming massage that allows the muscles to relax completely in order to find the root causes of the pain. Jennifer uses a mix of modalities and anyone can benefit from the deep relaxation and healing massage she provides. 

Alicia Yu, CMT

Alicia is very focused on her clients' individual needs and her massage technique is both specific and flowing. Her style combines the deep relaxation of firm, rhythmic massage with therapeutic techniques to relieve muscle tension and discomfort. She integrates a variety of modalities in the session, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and stretching to promote pain and tension relief and deep relaxation. She is also skilled in cupping, prenatal massage and enjoys hot stone massages. Alicia believes in the power of human touch and has a passion for helping people find their inner happiness through bodywork, reflection, and self healing. Alicia hopes that each client leaves with a sense of grounding and internal calm as well as an increased range of motion and fluidity. Alicia is certified by the State of California. 

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